Critical Incident Response

A leading-edge CISM program

The Mayo Clinic Health System–Franciscan Healthcare Employee Assistance Program offers on-site response for critical incidents and comprehensive services for customized CISM (Critical Incident Stress Management) planning.

Critical incident strategic planning

The EAP works with you to proactively plan before a critical event occurs. Our response services incorporate current research and best practices to lessen impact and accelerate recovery for employees exposed to traumatic incidents or accidents. We customize based on your circumstances and target interventions accordingly.

Our program integrates the latest research and best practices, emphasizing safety, support, information and resources for incidents within or affecting an organization. Recent studies indicate the strengths-based and social support model is more effective than a standard debriefing approach. It best allows employees to embrace the challenge, utilize skills and access necessary resources.

Build organizational resiliency with a strategic plan

We will customize your unique organizational response based on your corporate culture. We guide the strategic planning process, develop your training program, plan on-site response contingencies and arrange for any necessary support services.

Developing a CISM plan improves your ability to respond effectively to catastrophic or disruptive events. It increases employee resilience and allows them to more rapidly and effectively rebound.

Talk with us about your critical incident preparedness.