Small Group Health Insurance

Benefits make a difference

For small employers, the contributions of individual employees can be even more key to success than for a larger organization. Health Tradition small group health insurance experts provide assistance so small employers can provide an attractive benefits package, enhancing their ability to recruit talent and promote employee satisfaction.

We are proactive in

  • Designing plans that reflect the priorities and preferences of today’s individuals and families
  • Streamlining and promoting preventive care
  • Adding features such as embedded deductibles and embedded out-of-pocket limits
  • Offering a full array of plans that complement HSAs and HRAs
  • Offering popular Mayo Clinic-developed wellness programs
  • Rewarding employees for healthy choices
  • Supporting them in managing chronic conditions

Expert guidance to find your best solution

Brokers representing Health Tradition have risen to the challenges posed by increasing levels of complexity surrounding health benefits. They are current on ACA requirements, tax implications and in using all available options to balance benefit level with cost-effectiveness.

Your broker is there to help you define the benefits strategy that fits your organization and easily implement it

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