A personalized wellness portal

The ManageWell portal is an online resource personalized for Health Tradition members (replaces Mayo Clinic Healthy Living online). It provides access to wellness benefits, supports members in setting personal health goals, then helps to achieve them.

What’s on ManageWell

The health assessment
This is the starting point for better health, a health survey of lifestyle and biometric data.

A personalized health report
Based on the health assessment, this report shows members how they are doing, ranking individual health risks and strengths. Each report has suggestions to improve.

Members can keep track of healthy activities and the progress they’re making toward health goals… exercise minutes, servings of fruits and veggies, weight, water consumption and more.

Updates from Health Tradition
ManageWell includes messages about benefits, available activities and programs, member news and reminders.

Trusted health information
Health information from Mayo Clinic experts on any topic. Articles, questions and answers, health tips, facts on medical procedures and things to know about medical conditions.

Health Tradition Health Plan members have full access to ManageWell.

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