Online Health Assessment

The gold standard in health metrics

The Mayo Clinic-developed health assessment is a unique tool reflecting Mayo Clinic’s research, lifestyle and behavioral health expertise. The health assessment creates a personalized profile, integrating the individual’s biometric and lifestyle answers with population health and actuarial data. This forms the basis for a self-directed action plan that takes into account expressed interests and readiness to commit to specific actions.

With the active health management tools at, it forms a suite of online resources that not only evaluates risk but engages and empowers the user to move forward.

Where wellness programs begin

A reliable assessment of lifestyle and health risk is at the heart of every well-designed workplace wellness effort. It provides a baseline measure, a snapshot of the organization’s overall health.

Mayo Clinic Health System Health Promotion provides assistance to

  • Hold a biometric screening event
  • Implement the health assessment
  • Evaluate aggregate results to inform your wellness program strategy
  • Map out the elements of a focused wellness program
  • Communicate with your employees

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